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Selected Works

kittchen wall dot dab
new  exten walls and ceiling plasterer
plastering wall
battons on walls
skimming done and paint.jpg
 plastering done
Room before plaster
ceiling been plasterboard
Room after plastering
plasterer has skimmed wall
plastering sevices
Bedroom walls skimmed
room plastered.jpg
room finished.jpg
wall bonding done.jpg
plastering done.jpg
other side of door way plastered.jpg
walls bonded ready for skimming.jpg
wall been plastered
the happy plasterer
cold walls been battened
skiimming done
damp wall.jpg
damp shower wall repiard.jpg
damp shower wall.jpg
damp shower wall finished.jpg
wet wall.jpg
plastering done.jpg
plaster 1.jpg
hallway plaster.jpg
plaster 3.jpg
wall board.jpg
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